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About Lake Productions

Lake Productions was created in 2009 by Jon Garcia when he began production on his first feature film Tandem Hearts. Since then he has produced a second feature, called The Falls. LAKE specializes in music videos, documentaries, commercials, independent films and behind-the-scenes documentation.


What services does LAKE offer?

Digital video production
Digital cinematography
Multimedia design
Music composition
Sound design

Who are some of LAKE's clients?

Standard Insurance Company
Meredith Corporation
Jupiter Hotel
and many more...

Where is LAKE located?

Lake Productions operates out of both Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, both cities with vibrant and growing film industries thanks in part to incentive programs implemented by state legislatures.

To learn more about Lake Productions, please visit our CONTACT page.


24 May, 2011

Lake Productions' website is now live and online. Feel free to check it out, look around and see what the folks at LAKE have been up to.

29 April, 2011

Lake Productions' first feature film Tandem Hearts had its first public screening at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR. Directed by Jon Garcia and starring Quinn Allan and Heather Harlan, the project was a collaboration by a group of devoted and passionate Portland filmmakers.

31 January, 2011

Lake Productions is excited to announce it will be opening a base of operations in Seattle, WA to serve the greater metropolitan area. Please note, LAKE's services will still be available in the PDX metro area.